Mineral resource exploration in the Dund Govi region, Mongol

Our company promotes mineral exploration and development in Mongolia in cooperation with Hokutai Co.,Ltd

In 2018, we established a Mongolian subsidiary (Hokutai Monglia KK) and

Through a JV with a local company, we acquired a 3,800 ha concession in the Dunt Govi region, on the northern edge of the Gobi Desert.

The project was suspended due to an outbreak of coronavirus infection, but is now being prepared for restart.

A small fluorlite mine is operating in the southern part of the region, but almost this area is greenfield  that has not yet been explored.

Porphyry molybdenum mineralisation signature has been identified in the northern part of the consession area, and a Skarn like contact alternation and vein type mineralisation signature area has been identified in the southern part of the consession.

Further exploration will be carried out to determine the potential.

Hokutai Corporation and Hokutai Mongolia KK are also capable of assisting foreign companies in mineral exploration and solar power generation projects in Mongolia.

Hokutai Corporation