We provide services to support mining companies and junior companies.

Our main service is geological surveys and analysis including UAV air born magnetic survey.
We can support you anywhere in Japan and abroad.

Geological Surveys and Analysis
Exploration and Surveys for Mining
UAV Surveys/System Development/UAV Training

GOTO Mining Co., Ltd. supports field survey and analysis work related to exploration, mining, and geothermal and civil geology.
Our corporation is engaged in domestic and overseas resource exploration and acquisition of project interest and tenements in copper, tungsten, molybdenum, rare-earth elements and gold.

We also conduct surveys using UAVs (drones) and develop equipment and materials for surveys/practical training.

SERVICE Products and Services

Geological Survey and Analysis

Geological Survey and Analysis 1 (Geological Services)

Geological Mapping and Data Processing
Recommended for:
  • - Geological mapping and DDH core logging in projects to obtain geological data.
  • - Preliminary analysis of existing literature, image analysis, and lineament deciphering, for field surveys.
  • - Digitization of topographic and geologic maps, and compilation of huge amounts of geologic information as a GIS dataset.
  • - Searches of geological and mineral resource calculation reports, and reviews of calculated data.

We provide a variety of geological investigation and analysis services. Please contact us for any type of work, including urgent, long-term, domestic, and overseas work. Prices will be determined according to the type of work.

Field survey in Peru
Field survey Across the river for mapping
Field survey for Geothermal
Analysis incorporating geostatistics.
Examples of our services
Geological mapping and sampling Basic field work such as creating route maps, fault distributions, sampling, and geochemical sampling.
Core logging Drill core logging.
Document investigation Collecting and compiling documents and many types of geological data.
Remote sensing data processing Lineament extraction and mineral mapping using satellite data such as ASTER, PRISM, and DEM.
Data preparation for field work Creating topographic maps for areas of interest, digitizing geological information for GIS, and creating maps and GPS datasets for field work.
Geological analysis Geological analysis using field data, assay data, and microscopy observations. 
Creating geological maps, cross sections, and geological analysis reports.
Resource/Reserve Estimation with Geostats Calculating the amount of ore resources based on 3D block modelling, and preparing a report on the findings.
UAV surveys Various types of surveys conducted using drones, including LIDAR (point cloud), magnetic, infrared thermography, photography, and video.

Case 1)

A trading company:

“A report calculating the amount of ore resources is required for our investment partner.”

Ore type:
Nickel (laterite ore)
Our support:
We provided geological data analysis, and calculated the amount of ore resources. The deliverables were a report on the amount of ore resources and all related datasets.

Case 2)

A private company:

“Calculate the amount of ore resources for a project currently under review and determine if there are any problems.”

Ore types:
Cu-Au (porphyry)
Our support:
We provided geological data analysis, and calculated the amount of ore resources. The deliverable was a review of ore resources.
Our instruments and software for survey and analysis
GIS software ArcGIS, QGIS, Mapinfo Discovery, Oasis Montaj
Ore resources calculation MineSight from MINTEC, Inc.
Aerial photographs obtained by UAVs from DJI and original mag survey systems (under development)
Other data processing software --- Grafer, Surfer, Voxler, Strater from Golden Software, LLC.
--- Pix4dMapper from PIX4D SA.
--- UgCS (UAV auto running program) from SPH Engineering.
Examples of geological surveys
Examples of geological data analysis
Examples of calculations of the amount of ore resources

Geological Survey and Analysis 2 (Exploration and Mining)

Consulting Services
We provide the following services:
  • - Temporary staff for exploration projects and basic surveys of sand erosion barriers.
  • - Temporary staff at project sites.
  • - Geologists and/or mining engineers to visit your project site. We will support your project as your technical partner when buying or selling exploration/mining properties and when surveying the current status of your interested concession.
  • - Visiting your project site in your place to confirm progress.
    We support your project as follows.
  • - Being part of exploration projects and disaster prevention surveys (landslides, earth and rocks, steep slopes). Geotechnical engineers are also recommended for this.
  • - Acting independently as a field liaison in exploration projects.
  • - Finding a project you would like to consider, such as the acquisition of exploration and/or mining licenses, and accompanying you to the site for a field survey.
  • - Conducting site visits on our behalf or monitoring the progress of multiple existing exploration projects when you do not have time to do this.

We also provide services for projects that require interviews, surveys, and analysis on a case-by-case basis depending on the status of the project. Additionally, our services cover projects that require status updates and problem identification. We also offer consulting services for tasks that are difficult to provide specifications for ahead of time (requiring a fast response to a situation, rather than predetermined surveys and analysis).


Case 1)

A private company:

“Information regarding the Mining Act and the process of mining property acquisition in Japan are required.”

Our support:
A report that specifies the acts and processes for mining property acquisition, including related documents and pictures, was delivered.

Case 2)

A trading company:

“Identify the problems in an investment project currently under review.”

Our support:
We worked in their office and supported the review and analysis process there. The project was in an advanced stage and had a large amount of documents and data. They needed to understand the project in a limited time.

Geological Survey and Analysis 3 (Assays and Disaster Prevention Surveys)

Dating, Mineral Assays, Structural Analysis of Loose Rock, and Disaster Prevention Surveys

We conduct geochemical analysis and field surveys in collaboration with the HIRUZEN Institute for Geology & Chronology. K-Ar dating, mineral assay, reshaping loose rocks (fault, clay) from drill cores, and deformation structure analysis of drill cores are available.

Examples of delivery times and offered services
K-Ar dating 3 months
Mineral separation Approximately 1 month, depending on the mineral species
Mineral analysis Making thin sections, microscopy observations, XRD, XRF, EPMA, and other methods (please inquire).
Disaster prevention survey Cooperation with the HIRUZEN Institute for Geology & Chronology KK

Geological Survey and Analysis 4 (Other)


Even for flexible operations or projects that are difficult to set specifications for, we can provide support as temporary staff or by attending your field site.

UAV (Drone) Survey/System Development/
Operation Training

UAV (Drone) Survey

We conduct various types of surveys using drones.
  • - Aerial photogrammetry --- Determining changes in river topography over time, high-resolution topographic mapping and topographic deciphering.
  • - Facility inspection --- Inspection of bridges or provision facilities for steep slopes.
  • - Geological mapping survey --- Investigation of geological structures and identification of active fault distributions using surface orthoimaging.
  • - Taking pictures and videos --- Recordings for archival purposes or promotional videos.
  • - Airborn laser profiler survey --- Acquisition of surface information that subtracts the effects of vegetation.
  • - Airborn magnetic survey --- Estimation of geological structures from derivatives of magnetic fields. Detection of land mines is also possible.
  • - Infrared survey (thermographic) --- Detection of nocturnal animals, monitoring of river channels, search for people lost in snowy mountains, geothermal surveys, and building diagnostics.
Examples of deliverables

- Aerial photographs- Videos
- DSMs/DEMs (Digital Surface Models/Digital Elevation Models)
- 3D point group data
- Orthoimages
- Topographic contours
- Magnetic maps
- Temperature distribution maps

Our equipment
Drones - DJI products (Phantom, Mavic, Matrice)
Sensors - DJI bundle- GEM magnetometers
Software - Drone flight software: including DJI products, UgCS, Litch.
- SfM software: Pix4d series
- Point cloud processing: Lidar360, DJI products
Examples of geological surveys using UAVs: observation of an outcrop that is difficult to approach by other means
Examples of UAV surveys and deliverables

UAV Operation Training

For those who want to
  • - Consider the use of UAVs for your company’s needs.
  • - Determine the appropriate UAV and software for your project.
  • - Learn the UAV data acquisition and data processing workflow.
  • - Learn the processing methods for UAV dedicated software.

We provide UAV operation training to suit your needs.

Examples of UAV operation training

Instrument Rental Services for Land Surveys/Basic Land Survey Services

We provide rental services for TOPCON’s GNSS systems and basic land survey services in your field.

  • - GCP is required for drone surveys.
  • - The coordinates of the drilling point are required. However, professional contractors only offer solutions that are expensive, time-consuming, and over-engineered.

We conduct a simple, fast and precise survey even if your manpower and time are limited.
The VRS RTK network is also available through our instrument rental services.

- Our instrument for land surveys is the Hyper-V GGDM-D from TOPCON.
- The FC-500 is used for data collection.
- Positional information is acquired under a contract with Jenova Co. Ltd., and the collector is available with presets.

  • - Please contact us about the rental price.
  • - We also provide post-processing services using GNSS-pro.

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